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About company

The southeastern part of Poland

is where the cultivation of herbs and spices are concentrated. The  favourable microclimate and long tradition of cultivations in small, family farms result in high quality of herbs and spices every year.

Our firm has been specialized

in the procurement of these goods directly from the farmers since over 20 years now. The location of our enterprise is in Fajslawice, in the very center of herbs - and spice cultivation areas. The being purchased raw materials are reprocessed in single or multilevel processes such as sifting, sorting, cleaning, cutting up, grinding and blending according to customer's requests. Our lot of years experience  in the sales of Polish herbs and spices to West Europe makes it possible for us to offer you high quality goods at competitive prices. Since we have had direct contact to the producers and can examine and control the conditions of the cultivated areas, we are able to supply our customers continuously and timely.

Our Company Philosophy

  • Customer satisfaction
  • High quality products
  • Best price - performance ratio
  • Excellent service

If you require high quality raw materials

from Polish cultivation, we can supply you directly - without middlemen or agents.

Our main products are:

  • herba thymi vulgaris
  • herba majoranae
  • herba satureja
  • herba hyperici
  • herba melissae
  • folium menthae
  • folium salviae oficinalis
  • flos chamomillae
  • fructus carvi
  • radix valerianae
  • radix angelicae
  • radix levistici
  • radix taraxaci
  • radix bardanae
  • radix rhei
  • malvae flores silv

Further we also offer wild growing items such as:

  • rhizoma tormentillae
  • rhizoma calami
  • herba visci albi
  • cortex frangulae
  • and more

We offer services for drying farmers' row materials,too.

We are  support  regional initiatives to promote our region and its herbal plants doing our best.

We look forward to cooperation with you!


Heliplant Sp. z o.o.
tel. +48.81 5853 018
fax +48.81 5852 432
e-mail: heliplant@heliplant.pl

Factory no 1:
Fajsławice 126A
PL 21-060 Fajsławice

Factory no 2:
PL 21-143 Abramów